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The Bakers are moving!

To mykasims

Hello, bbs! ♥ I'm still in the process of moving (literally to FL) but there is a Baker post coming this weekend if all goes as planned! As well as a heir poll! So while I get everything ready might as well take this time to inform you that the Bakers are moving to my new sims community. From now on all new Baker posts will be posted at mykasims and so this community will no longer have updates. Everything will stay as is though. See you there!


The Baker Legacy 2nd Generation Heir Poll

First Baker poll is finally here! Thanks ahead to everyone that votes because I can't decide. They are all too awesome.

The original hybrid generationCollapse )

Poll #1553710 Baker 2nd generation heir poll
This poll is closed.

Who will be the Baker heir?

Ethan Baker
Kory Baker
Sen Baker
Cael Baker
Alice Baker